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Hitank: Pure, Safe, and Durable

Experience the superior quality and dependability of Hitank water storage tanks, engineered to ensure your water remains pure, safe, and fresh.

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About Hitank

Established in 1988, Oswal Hitech Pvt. Ltd., recognized by its brand name “Hitank Water Storage Tanks,” is one of Karnataka’s oldest and most respected water tank manufacturers. Our Hitank tanks are designed to keep your water pure and safe, making them perfect for both household and industrial applications. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Hitank is your trusted choice for reliable, long-lasting water storage solutions.

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Why Choose Hitank?

Uncompromised Purity

Made from 100% virgin food-grade LLDPE, ensuring the highest safety standards for your drinking water.

Exceptional Durability

Engineered with innovative aerodynamic design, our tanks are built to withstand harsh conditions, providing long-lasting performance.

Health and Safety

Antimicrobial properties guard against bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses, ensuring your water stays clean and healthy.


Our UV-stabilized outer layer and eco-conscious manufacturing processes minimize environmental impact, making Hitank a sustainable choice.

Health Benefits of Hitank

  • 100% Virgin Food Grade Tank
  • Outer layer UV Stabilised
  • Assurity to store drinking water
  • Antimicrobial with 4 properties – Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Algae, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral.
  • Keep water cool even in the hottest temperature.

What Our Customers Say

“Switching to Hitank was the best decision for our family’s health. No more worries about water contamination.”

Gopal K Shetty


“Hitank tanks are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Highly recommend!”


HR Manager

“The quality of Hitank tanks is unmatched. Our water has never been cleaner and safer.”


Media Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about Hitank water storage solutions.

What makes Hitank tanks safe?

All our tanks are made using food-grade virgin plastics, ensuring no harmful chemicals leach into your water. Hence all our tanks are safe to store drinking water in it.

Are Hitank tanks durable?

Yes, they are made using 100% virgin polymers & they are designed for long-lasting durability and strength, providing reliable water storage for years.

How do I maintain Hitank tanks?

Hitank tanks are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring hygienic water storage with minimal effort.

Are Hitank tanks eco-friendly?

Yes, our tanks are made from virgin plastics, which ensure minimal environmental impact and are fully recyclable.

Do Hitank tanks resist contaminants?

Yes, Hitank tanks are engineered with high-density, food-grade virgin plastics that create a strong barrier against contaminants. This advanced material technology ensures your water remains free from harmful impurities and safe for consumption.

How do Hitank tanks prevent bacterial contamination?

Hitank tanks incorporate antimicrobial additives within their polymer matrix, actively inhibiting the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses. This advanced antimicrobial technology ensures that your water remains pure and free from microbial contamination, providing a higher standard of water safety.

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About Us:

Oswal Hitech Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in water storage solutions, proudly presents Hitank. Made from high-quality, food-grade virgin plastics, Hitank ensures your water remains pure and safe. Established in 1988, we are one of Karnataka’s oldest and most trusted water tank manufacturers.


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